Joyce + John: 50 Year Anniversary

My friend Sarah asked me if to photograph her parents 50th wedding anniversary/birthday party. For her, anything.

You see Sarah is amazing. She’s true to herself, a fiery redhead, beautiful writer and creative extraordinaire. Everything about her oozes creativity. Basically she is my kind of girl. I jumped at the chance to meet her parents. And let me tell you… I think I want them to adopt me. Ok, ok, yes I love my parents but Sarah’s parents really put the icing on the cake. There are the nicest people I may ever meet.

The day started with a beautiful setting at a friend’s home in Davisburg, MI



Sarah may be a writer, but I suspect she may have another career as an event planner. She did an amazing job collecting old photos and news articles about her parents life.

Their wedding in 1961.


This is why I love Sarah’s dad, John. He’s hilarious!


The apple doesn’t fall from the tree…


John and Joyce’s friends gave them beautiful 50th anniversary china. A package wrapped with a bow. Which John promptly place on his head.



Joyce was overwhelmed with the gift and tears began to flow…


Sarah’s fabulous save the date and invite.


After things wound down a bit I asked Joyce and John for their wedding rings. I figured such a spectacular romance need a good ring shot.

HovisBlog_004 HovisBlog_010

After the guests left, I pulled them aside for a couple photos. When I asked them to kiss, John looked at Joyce and said, “Ah, I got my girl.” I almost teared up right there. That is love. Pure, simple, long-time love. And you can’t beat it!

HovisBlog_008 HovisBlog_009

Whether it’s 50 years or 500, I can’t imagine a better couple. It was nice to see them so in love. It gives me hope and makes me love my job even more. Joyce, John and Sarah thank you for a beautiful day. You are an inspiration to me!

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