Why does photography cost so much?

While some wedding or portrait photographers shoot as a hobby, I chose to make it a career. I’m very passionate about my photography, but I’m also a small business owner. I have bills to pay just like everyone else. I don’t use the income from my business as extra spending cash. I depend on it to make a living. Here’s a breakdown of my costs.

What is your background in photography?

I have a serious love affair with photography. It started at age 14, and I haven’t looked back! Feel free to read more on my journey…

Here are a few credentials:

Grand Valley State University, 2007:

 Bachelor of Science, Photography

 Bachelor of Science, Advertising and Public Relations

Adjunct Instructor, Lansing Community College 2012-2015

Why do you charge tax on the session fee/wedding collections?

The basic answer for this is because I am required to do so by law. I don’t keep any of the sales tax I collect. It all goes to the government.

Does the Client need to make a shot list?

No, for all weddings I will work with you to create a timeline of your day. If you have specific friends/relatives that you’d like shots with, that’s fine. However, I do not work from a rigid list of posed shots, this can stunt my creativity. I always make sure to cover every last detail. Here’s a sample shot list and wedding day timeline

After our session, how long until I see my pictures?

Weddings: 4-6 weeks. Portrait sessions (kids, baby, engagement): 1-2 weeks

How many images do I get?

Weddings average 500-800 images and portrait sessions are about 60-80 images.

Can I use a photo from your blog as my Facebook/MySpace/Linkedin/Other Social Media Profile?

Yes! All wedding clients can download their images from their client gallery (Example: http://mistyminna.pass.us/brendabrian). A USB with high resolution images can be ordered for wedding or portrait clients for $50

Do you shoot with digital or film?

All Digital. I experiment with film on my own time for fun.

What equipment do you use?

I shoot with a Canon 5D Mark II and varies L series lenses that have f/stops as large as 1.2

Can you remove my acne/scar/bruises/etc.?

I do basic blemish retouching to all images. If you’d like more intensive Photoshop work done (changing out heads, replace blinking eyes, changing backgrounds, etc) the charge is $25  per image.

Can I get a disk of my images?

All wedding packages actually come with a personalized online client gallery (Example: http://mistyminna.pass.us/brendabrian), where you can share high resolution images online and even download all of them instantly! A USB with high resolution images can also be ordered for $50.

What should we wear?

I’m glad you asked: http://mistyminna.com/blog/engagement-shoots-what-to-wear

Whatever you do, please do not wear all the same color. Family portraits with everyone dressed in white is very dated.

What do your wedding collections include?

All wedding collections include myself and an assistant, at least 6 hours of coverage and online client gallery (Example: http://mistyminna.pass.us/brendabrian)

Do you have liability insurance?

Yes. I am a registered LLC and carry coverage on myself, my assistant and my equipment.

What is your policy on taking breaks? If you require a meal break, do you require that the client provide your meal?

A meal break and seating at the reception is required for myself and assistant. It’s a long day and we do require at least one break.

Do you charge for travel?

Yes. It depends on the location of your event. Please Contact Misty above for more info. Also, please check out my bucket list locations for special pricing

Will my images be available for viewing online?

Yes, client proofing allows wedding clients to download high resolution images instantly! (Example: http://mistyminna.pass.us/brendabrian)