Detroit Engagement Session: Jenny + Paul

Jenny met Paul in a bar in Birmingham, MI. “Really do couples still meet in bars anymore?” I had to ask.

“Yeah, they really do,” Jenny told me as we chatted inside Roast, one of their favorite restaurants.

“What did you notice about him; did he use a pick up line?”

“No, he was just adorable. He’s still adorable, all the time.” Jenny told me looking at Paul who was just sitting there grinning.

Maybe I should back up a bit. Paul is British. Yes, with the accent and a playful grin that could knock a girls socks off. Jenny is beautiful. Knock your socks off beautiful. Basically, it’s a match made in heaven.

They didn’t have big plans for New Year’s. Paul was traveling made it a point to tell Jenny it wasn’t going to be a “big” New Year. They decided on a quiet dinner. When it came time for the midnight kiss, Jenny went to kiss and hug Paul… he was down on one knee. She of course said yes, and I am so excited for their August wedding at the Royal Park Hotel in Rochester.

detroit mi engagement pictures

We stated at the DIA (Detroit Institute of Arts) in Detroit. One of my personal favorites. The trees were just blooming for Spring and it was perfect. When Jenny and Paul said they wanted to shoot downtown Detroit, I was thrilled! I wanted to shoot an engagement session that brought out not only the beauty in Jenny and Paul, but in the city. I felt the need to show that it’s not some run down, broken city like so many media sources report. Yes, it still needs work but it has such a vibrant history. Only when we understand how great it once was, will we know how amazing it still can become. I wasn’t even alive in it’s heyday, but I strongly believe in the effort to turn it around. Maybe it’s a sentimental thing, but I am truly proud of the city I grew up close to. There is still so much beauty in Detroit that needs to be captured.

I love Paul’s ability to make Jenny laugh. This is one of my first shots right out of the camera. Perfection.

detroit dia engagement images

Next, we headed further downtown to Comerica Park. There was a game going on and people everywhere. Jenny and Paul were so amazing, they didn’t even seem to mind kissing a crowd of on lookers. Such good sports! (haha, pun intended, I’m a dork!)

We also shot for a bit outside the Fox Theater. I was pleasantly surprised by the beauty of the windows and the beautiful soft light that reflected from them.

We made our way to Campus Martius where the weather couldn’t have been better. Plus, they had umbrellas set up for perfect shade.

So, I asked Jenny to sit in between Paul’s legs. We took a couple of shots, and all of a sudden he decided to pick her up! I just kept snapping away. Loved it. Its a great feeling when couples can just be themselves in front of my camera.


After an outfit change, we ended at the Book Cadillac Hotel. It was also a week before the royal wedding and Jenny told me it’s customary for British women to wear hats to weddings. I really had no idea about this custom, so I just went with it. And now, after watching the crazy spectacle that was the royal wedding, I totally understand what she meant. If I get photograph hats even half as amazing as I saw on TV at Jenny and Paul’s wedding, I will be one happy girl!

Jenny worked that hat like nobodies business! The lobby of the Book Cadillac has amazing stairwells. I’ve had the ideas for these shots in my head for awhile, and I was geeked when I found this stairwell.

We ended the day at Roast with a champagne toast.

Jenny and Paul, thank you for being so amazing! I am honored to be shooting your wedding. Also, many thanks to the great staff at the DIA, Roast and the Book Cadillac for letting us shoot there. And, a million thank you’s to Eileen from Eileen’s Designs Etc.. for being our tour guide and personal chauffeur for the day!

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