Art Van Grandville: Why My Mom Rocks

Art Van recently opened a new store in Grandville, MI. I could not believe my mom said it would be complete by October 1st when she told me about it in June. No way could they get a store styled that fast! Oh, but they did and it looks so unbelievable. Below are some shots from the set up and install days last week.


One of the faux walls and exposed brick, designed my my mommy!


I would call this ‘fierce’ my mom would call it modern. I’m not as refined…


Visual merchandiser + 12 hour shift= Crazy dance moves!

Jamie wants this for the cover of the magazine… I said I’d see what I could do.


And lastly, baby Lucas ate ice cream while everyone worked. I’d say he did a good job!


These are just a few of many. I think the store came together amazing and there was a great team involved. As an outsider looking in, I defiantly think this is one of the most sophisticated stores in the area.

Also, I must get down to see Art Prize. I must not work so much so that I can go see Art Prize. I must not be so dead tired on Sunday that I can see Art Prize.Brady has already been and that means I’m definatly very far behind!

For now though, I must sleep… alarm goes off at 4 am wheather I want it to or not!

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