Touring the Wine Country

Recently, I visited my love in his new (temporary) home in Petoskey, MI. We’ve always wanted to go on a wine tour and we finally made it happen. We visited the vineyards of Old Mission Peninsula and I fell in love. With my like of Rieslings, it was the perfect place for me. I could go into how being close to the 45th Parallell makes the soil better for the grapes and how the current helps the crop and blah, blah… but I’d rather let
Virginia Madsen explain much better than I can, here. I really like how it’s something to be discovered. “Wine is like people.”


We worked our way up the Peninsula, starting at Black Star Farms, Brayton’s favorite. I just loved this shed. Well, no I liked the wine too.

Then, we went to our favorite place, Peninsula Cellars. Where I finally like my very first glass of red wine! (A shocker). The tasting room is an old schoolhouse and I really loved how that theme flowed throughout the entire vineyard from the wine, which was classic and simple, to the labels on the bottles. My favorite was the red wine, Detention. Plus, they had really good crackers!

Note: this photo is not this yellow in real life. Blah to internet colors!

My next favorite was Bowers Harbor which just remined me of a little country estate that I could live in forever.I also had time to get a lot of pictures as Brayton was thoroughly occupied in the tasting room.

I want to sit on those steps and write a novel….

I like it in black and white too.

My last favorite was Chateau Chantal which had amazing views.

Yes, the perspective is slightly off on this, and yes I’m ok with it. At this point, the wine had taken over!

Then, we returned home with all our loot…

We went to more winerys than I mentioned above, those where just my favorites.

We also hit up the Red Mesa Grill in Boyne City, MI. Thanks to a recommendation from Brayton’s new coworker I had the BEST Mexican food of my life! Here is a crappy photo taken with my camera phone.

Oh, and did I mention someone had a Birthday…

I ordered a custom cake from Sweet Cakes Design and the crew did amazing job!! I loved it. And, it tasted decadent!

I think Brayton was happy. It was a Klipsch themed birthday.

I took a couple shots of the cake itself.

All in all an amazing vacation!

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