Telling Their Story

I glanced at the clock through blurry eyes. Six am. I quickly converted the time difference in my head. Ugh, 4am. I tried to roll over and sleep.

I begin to feel it. Remember the dream I just had. Its a blur, voices and people whirl around me. Forgetting memory cards, dropping lens losing images. Upset guests, parents yelling at me. And I can’t stop it. It continues until I wake up in a panic. After washing my tired face, I check my bag again. Doubled, triple checking memory cards, lenses batteries. Reading over the day of schedule I tried to take a deep breath. I call my mom…

“I’m nervous!” I hesitantly blurt out.

“Take a walk, she suggests. I stretch, rubbing my wrist feeling the tension in my arms. What I can control is my makeup, my hair. I make sure everything is perfect. Or as close as I can get.

I open the door to the church, I’m the first one there. I sit in silence in the lobby. I breath in deeply. Today is not about me. Today is about them. Today is about family, love, emotion.

I can do this! Somehow…

The anxiety begins to fade and I hear bridesmaids busting through the doors. I’m on. I’ve got this.

Shaking a little, I pick up my camera, put a smile on my face and walk over to the girls.

It’s time to tell their story….

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