My Newphew’s Baby Shower

I’m very excited to have a nephew on the way! This is my nephew’s baby shower, and will be my first time as an aunt. You may remember my brother’s wedding that I shot a few years back, also at The Gazebo, they have great food and I love the venue overall. I’m so excited to share Tony and Emily’s baby shower…

Minna Baby Shower-17.jpg Minna Baby Shower-18.jpg Minna Baby Shower-19.jpg

They went with an ‘under the sea’ theme, which was adorbs!

Minna Baby Shower-20.jpg

Minna Baby Shower-21.jpg Minna Baby Shower-22.jpg Minna Baby Shower-23.jpg

I think I’m going to branch out to become a photographer who takes shots of people during selfies. It’s a niche market…

Minna Baby Shower-27.jpg Minna Baby Shower-28.jpg Minna Baby Shower-34.jpg Minna Baby Shower-4.jpg

The shirt says “I’m going to be on a cereal box someday” Love it!

Minna Baby Shower-45.jpg

Let them remember how excited and cute they were looking a pair of baby shoes while they are running on 2 hours of sleep…

Minna Baby Shower-46.jpg

All of Emily’s amazing friends who helped plan the shower.

Minna Baby Shower-64.jpg Minna Baby Shower-9.jpg

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