Making My Life Easier

It’s difficult to function completely without the help of others. I’m not the kind of person who really likes to ask for help. Ever. Before I met Brady, I was so intend on being independent I was making more work for myself. Now, instead of complaining about having to drag the laundry basket up the stairs, I simply ask,”Honey will you bring the laundry basket up the stairs for me? I can’t see over it.” Yes, I always get a jabbing comment about my short legs or “stubs” as Brady calls them. But he does it. I ask for help and I get it. Once I figured out this amazing formula, it became easier for me to reach out for help.

This brings me to a special post on the programs I use to make my life easier. I like simple. It’s so much better for my sanity. Hopefully these will help you too!

SmugMug: This beautiful little site runs my proofing gallery. However, it does a lot more than that. It sends out orders for me, lets me offer coupons and discount codes and even acts as a backup for past events. The customer service is unbelievable. I emailed them once at midnight, just hoping to hear back the next morning, it wasn’t urgent. They replied in 3 minutes! At midnight! I love the SmugMug Support Heros.

Color Inc: Ok, Color Inc is my jam! I love them. I’ve loved them since they first started out. My colleague from GVSU works there, so I’m a little biased but they are my local print lab love. I like to support local places as much as possible, and Color Inc makes that easy. The have online customer service and extremely fast turn around times. I use them for pretty much all my prints.

Black River Imaging: I recently discovered this lab for albums. They do such amazing quality work and their ordering system, Cascade, is so easy to use, it takes all the headache out of ordering. I also like that they offer the option for faux leather in different colors.

SWAT: Ok, stop designing albums right now and go to this website. It’s the best thing I’ve ever used! SWAT is the brain child of the guys who created KISS albums. It is the only design software you will ever need. It will auto fill a layout for you, let you email a private viewing link to your clients and have them make corrections right on the page and send back for approval. I love it. You can swap out images very easily and download the layout to any lab. Best thing.. it’s FREE!

Tofurious Blog Theme: I get a lot of questions about how I make my blog look the way it does. Here’s a confession: I don’t do it alone. I have help. Mostly the amazing Heather at LoveBugs Photography. She is the genius behind making my blog work and look the way it does. The actual template for my blog comes from Tofurious, aka Lawrence Chan a marketing guru in his own right. Check out his site, it’s packed with useful info for photographers.

And because every post is better with a picture… here’s a preview from a post I’m writing about my work as a second shooter.

grand rapids wedding photographer, metro detroit wedding photographer

 Up Next: I’ll share my secret shame, aka the services I invest in to make my personal life easier.

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