Julie + Matt

Bearing the cold for couple hours, I set out to photograph Julie and Matt’s engagement pictures around Millennium Park in Walker, MI.

Murphy, the family dog joined as well. He was very excited for his camera close up.

Warm toning in Photoshop to make the cold not look so cold.

From this little excursion I realized I need to start being closer with nature. Ok, I’m not going to start hugging trees or anything, but maybe just a nice little photo walk now and then wouldn’t hurt. I’ve never been much of a nature photographer, but the more time I spend in nature (up north; Petoskey especially) I find myself wanting to photograph it more. Now, that’s not to say I’m going to go camping anytime soon (I’m not a tent camper, cabins only!) but maybe just the peacefulness of it will wear off on me and grant me some amazing photos as well.

I like it in black and white too. Can’t choose…

This is an abandoned fish farm off Butterworth and Vetern’s Parkway. I saw it and fell in love. Who says abandoned buildings aren’t pretty?

Sometimes I think my brain just thinks in black and white, and I just know there is another side to an image.

Coming soon… Krystal and Anthony’s engagement shoot downtown Grand Rapids.

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