I missed the DIA

On Friday night I went to see Avedon’s exhibit at the DIA (Detroit Institute of Arts). I couldn’t take pictures inside the gallery (although you know I so wanted to) but here are a couple from the Great Hall and Italian Art galleries.

Avedon’s exhibit was Amazing! They had an entire space showing his editing process at Harper’s Bazzar and I fell in love. It’s so interesting to see the way he made masks for the darkroom and the way her burned, dodged and cropped all his images. I loved seeing the proof prints. Its kinda nice sometimes to see the “inside info” as to how artists make their work. All in all a great night.

Next up is Minna Family Christmas. I am in charge of the broccoli and I pride myself on my horrible ability to not mess up very easy dishes. I can make complicated things like lasagna and eggplant parm (maybe those aren’t even that complicated..?) but give me a recipe and simple directions to follow and I fail. I’m pretty sure, however that I have made some successful veg. At least I hope. Plus… I have a great (no, better than great… awesome!) gift for the gift exchange… you just have to wait and see!

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