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Admittedly, I was burnt out after college. I double majored in four years with the last two years going straight through both summers. I was done with reading! I had to read so many art, history and business books I just about gave up on ever being able to read for enjoyment ever again. It’s only now, almost six years after college (and building my business, aka reading more boring business books) that I’ve made it my goal to start reading again for pleasure.

To start, I thought I’d share some of my all time favorite books. In later posts, I’ll share what I’ve currently read and tell you what I think. Sound like fun? I thought so!

The Catcher in the Rye

The Catcher in the Rye,  JD Salinger. Ok, this is hands down my favorite book of all time! The character narration always gets me so enthralled that I start thinking like Holden. There’s something very magnetic and honest about him.

The Yellow Wallpaper

The Yellow Wallpaper, Charlotte Perkins Gilman. Don’t knock me for loving chick-lit because I just can’t stop myself! This is actually a short story published in 1892. My bleeding feminist heart loved the decent into madness this oppressed woman goes through.

The Masque of the Red Death

The Masque of the Red Death, Edgar Allen Poe. I LOVE scary stories, horror, exorcism, crazy masked killers, gripping murder mysteries… YES TO ALL! I started reading Poe in high school and I couldn’t get enough. I love the writing style, the quick metaphors and descriptions. My English teacher had us listen to a reading of the Tell Tale Heart on Halloween with the lights off one year. The beating sound of the heart… ah it’s brilliant!

Product Details

Hamlet. I swear teacher, I’ve read it cover to cover multiple times. Ok, well the abridged version. But still I love the classics. I can’t help it. I’ve read Hamlet probably at least fives times. I love the way Shakespeare used words. The words he invented and the Old English prose. I love the effortlessness of Ophelia and the courage of Horatio.

Well, if you couldn’t tell by these, I’m a nerd. Hardcore. I love the classics that most people hated reading in school, crazy murder stories and feminist ranting. I’m just going to own it. Because these books shaped my adolescence.

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Feel free to follow me on GoodReads, this amazing website and app that lets you track your books and set up reading lists and discussions. See my profile here, and friend me. I love to see what other people are reading and getting recommendations!


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