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5 Tips for Taking Better Pictures

I often get asked how a certain image ends up looking the way it does. Usually I like to joke and say I have a fancyFull Story»

Photo Tech Tips: Shooting in Bright Sun

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Emily + Greg: Metro Detroit Wedding Photographer

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How to be a Great Second Shooter

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Artists Who Inspire: Margaret Bourke-White

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Artists Who Inspire: Mary Ellen Mark

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Believe In Your Imagination

I’ll admit was unsure about going to see Jasmine Star. I wasn’t sure she’d live up to my imaginationFull Story»

Making My Life Easier

It’s difficult to function completely without the help of others. I’m not the kind of person who reallyFull Story»

How Much Does a Wedding Photographer Make? I’ll Tell You..

Creative professionals battle every day to put a price on their work. Something that is completely objective, no magicFull Story»