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Brain Dump

Sometimes when I don’t feel like forming sentences, I just write one liners. Here is everything (ok notFull Story»

The Best Feeling in the World, (for a photographer)

I watched the rain cascade down the windows and make puddles on the cement. When dreary weather would normally make meFull Story»

Artists Who Inspire: Jose Villa

There are few people the world that can make film look like butter on hot toast. So yummy, smooth and creamy that theFull Story»

Artists Who Inspire: Margaret Bourke-White

It was may fifth grade book report and it was a big deal. My first presentation in front of the whole class, and my momFull Story»

I Am Here. It’s Destine.

I live here. I don’t visit or just pop in for weekends. It have a life here. (Soon) a house here. It’s notFull Story»

Artists Who Inspire: Mary Ellen Mark

I chose a window seat so I could feel the sun on my back. It had been snowing for weeks on campus and I needed to feelFull Story»

A Proud Sister

I think enough people in the social media world know by now… but I wanted to let them tell everyone people inFull Story»

My Bahama Dream

The Bahamas feel like a dream. A dream I can’t seem to get back. I want to live a life on an island with endlessFull Story»

A Bushel and a Peck

As her little white car sped off the driveway, she laid on the horn as I heard my mom screamed in the doorway,Full Story»