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My Newphew’s Baby Shower

I’m very excited to have a nephew on the way! This is my nephew’s baby shower, and will be my first time asFull Story»

Make Your Wedding Memorable

Weddings to me, as a photographer, can sometimes seem different. I’ll admit I’ve never been a bride, but IFull Story»

Good Reads: My Favorite Books

Admittedly, I was burnt out after college. I double majored in four years with the last two years going straightFull Story»

Telling Their Story

I glanced at the clock through blurry eyes. Six am. I quickly converted the time difference in my head. Ugh, 4am. IFull Story»

Motivated by Fear

I’ve been sitting in a lot of churches lately. I say ‘sitting’ because I can’t be completelyFull Story»

My Art Prize

“Misty, you really should think about.” This was never a good way to start a conversation. I don’tFull Story»

Idaho Road Trip

She always talked about it. The smell of what she called “mountain air,” the post office and dry goods shopFull Story»

Artists Who Inspire: Annie Leibovitz

Say it with me… Leib-o-vitz. Say it right and spell it right. This lady is important. More than important,Full Story»

Bucket List

Dream Photography Locations: In the mountains, or at least a mountain backdrop (Colorado, Idaho, etc..) Sedona,Full Story»