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How to use Client Proofing: PASS

PASS is for SHARING. Any where, any time, on any device. Please download the free PASS app to view all your picturesFull Story»

Kathleen + Andy: Grand Rapids Engagment Photographer

Kathleen knew Andy was worth it. She knew he was worth moving to a completely different state because their love isFull Story»

Mary + Josh: Henry Ford Museum Engagement

Mary was the cute curly haired girl sitting at the back of the school bus. I was never cool enough to sit in the backFull Story»

Tony + Emily: Metro Detroit Engagement

My brother called me late the night before a wedding. I didn’t answer. I needed sleep. He left a message. IFull Story»

Amanda + Chris: Beach Engagement

Amanda wasn’t sure about him at first. Who was this guy their parents tried to set her up with? After a couple ofFull Story»

Sam + Steve: Grosse Pointe Engagement

She couldn’t figure it out. Why couldn’t he just email that file or put it in the outbox? Why did he needFull Story»

Theresa + Nick: Grand Rapids Wedding Photographer

She spent her life on the tennis court. Wining match after match with a fearless commitment to her sport. Ranking topFull Story»

Bridget + Mike: Grand Rapids Engagement Photography

They’d been dancing around the idea for a couple years. Seeing each other in the same social circles, evenFull Story»

Sara + Tim: Two Year Anniversary Grand Rapids Photographer

I am overjoyed to bring you Sara and Tim’s orchard anniversary shoot! I shot their wedding in 2009, and IFull Story»