Brenda + Brian: Traverse City Opera House Wedding

Brenda had never been on a blind date. Naturally, she was nervous. She decided to treat the whole process like a business exchange, because that might be easier. Suddenly, she saw a guy dart towards the door and then turn around and leave! She was crushed. Still determined, Brenda waited 10 more minutes. Luckily, Brian came back! Brenda looked him square in the eye and gave him a firm hand shake. Brian later explained that he was nervous and a little sweaty from the walk, so he decided to take some time to collect himself outside before he met this beautiful redhead. He was hooked. Brian went home that night and cancelled his online profile.

From the moment I ‘met’ Brenda and Brian over the phone I could knew their wedding was going to be amazing. The way Brenda described all her details with such enthusiasm! Her love for simple, vintage classics had me so excited. It was a beautiful day in Traverse City full of cherry blossoms and warm weather. I loved every part of Brenda and Brian’s vintage wedding!

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