Boston: Round 2

At the beginning of the month, Brady and I made our yearly visit to Boston. To me a good city has to have a few qualifications:

  • Ability to walk and or take public transit to various locations
  • Amazing photo ops (of course)
  • A fun (and hopefully historic) history that incorporates fun things to do
  • Beautiful parks with waterfront views
  • Open air markets
  • Good beer/ local breweries
  • Dining that incorporates the culture of various areas of the city
  • A ghetto (lets face it every good city has one)
  • Close freeway access to be able to escape to the country on occasion

Boston hits every mark! (So does Grand Rapids, and lets not forget Detroit, but that’s another story…)

We were fortunate enough to be able to stay with Brady’s cousins, who took us to Kelly’s in Revere Beach. Probably the best fish and chips I’ve ever had.

But Brady’s cousin Anthony liked the beef best!

Unfortunately, I do not have many images with my professional camera because I fell in a hole (cobblestone is harder to walk on than you may think) and couldn’t carry it around. So in my hobbling around, I snapped a few with my canon point and shoot. I hate that I had to use it. I’m a trader to the cause! Don’t hate me.

This is the harbor. Or as they say, “Tha Harbah”

Buoys. Not bad for the point and shoot.

Then we went to the Red Sox game. Brady had a moment with Big Papi and I ate peanuts.

I had a really good time considering I don’t really like baseball or sitting for long periods of time. I got a little lens envy as well. One day…

For the rest of the week we walked around the city, (I hobbled) went to the Sam Adams Brewery for the second time. We also went to Harpoon Brewery. Let me just tell you, I haven’t beer to that many breweries in my life but I would rate this one better than the Miller Factory. It’s all you can drink in 2 hours!! Needless to say I only have one image from this part of the trip.

Of course I can’t forget Jacob Wirth’s, German food so good it’s like being there. Well according to Brady.

We also went to the North end and I had the best tomato salad of my life at Artu’s. I love all the Italian shops there.

On the last day we headed over to Harvard Square and I finally busted out the big guns! (My Canon 20D I mean)

I liked these chairs. Brayton thought I was nuts. But to me sometimes its not about what the object is, but what shapes it makes and how the light hits it. Actually, that is what most of what photography is to me.

Cute little place we found for lunch. Shays Pub and Wine Bar.

All in all an amazing trip with my favorite man 🙂

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