Artists Who Inspire: Annie Leibovitz

Say it with me… Leib-o-vitz. Say it right and spell it right. This lady is important. More than important, she’s iconic.

I don’t remember a time that I didn’t know who Annie Leibovitz was. My mom always had magazine clippings and took me to her gallery shows. You could say I grew up with her. Her work is thought provoking and always has a little bit of romance or drama to it. She manages to always stay current and trendy. I look up to her more than any artist in this series. I can’t even express in words how amazing she is… you just have to look at her images.

These last two are my very favorite. Using the Sopranos as a Last Supper models, was simply genius in my mind.

This last one of Norah Jones at her piano has been a favorite of my for a long time. It’s natural, raw and black and white which I love. I love the window light and just the overall peaceful mood. It calms me, and that’s hard to do!

Can’t get enough Leibovitz? I highly suggest watching the documentary: Life Through a Lens.

You’ll thank me later!


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