A Bushel and a Peck

As her little white car sped off the driveway, she laid on the horn as I heard my mom screamed in the doorway, “Slow Down!” She would just look at me in the passengers seat and grin.

“It’s our weekend,” she’d say and then we’d zip off to Kmart

(Kmart was high class in my neighborhood in the 90’s ok..) Blue light specials always excited her and finding a bargain used to put her on a high. She’d bring me back to her apartment and show my off in my new Kmart diggs to all her neighbors. Cereal for breakfast was not an option. My grandma would throw down when it came to breakfast. And the best part… I got to help. I could scramble eggs with a real whisk and make pancakes. She taught me a lot about making breakfast and anything sweet. Her blueberry pancakes were the best. She used to cook and sing tons of “little diddys” as she called them.

“A cakes no good if you don’t mix the batter and bake it… And loves just a bubble if you don’t take the trouble to make it!”
“I love you a bushel and a peck, and a hug around the neck, do dooo too, do…”

The best part was that she let me use her special spoon.

The wooden spoon that had been through everything; camping trips, numerous breakfast pancakes and maybe even swatting a fly or two. She used to joke with me, “When I die, this spoon is yours!” Sadly this is now true.

Don’t worry, I don’t actually cook with this spoon. It’s been through a lot. And I’m sure there are too many germs to mention.

It’s been almost a year since I lost both my grandmas. 2011 was a tough year for me personally. I did a lot of grieving. When I re-watched Julie Julia (a movie fave of mine) in the midst of grieving, I rediscovered this song. And the images of Julia Child cooking and singing this song, brought on flood of tears. This time though, they were happy tears. It’s taken me almost a year not to cry when I think of my grandma.

In June, my mom and I plan on going on a pilgrimage of sorts to Salmon, Idaho my grandma’s hometown. We’re going to spread her ashes over the river and on her father’s grave per her final wishes. I can’t wait to visit and share the images. In the meantime, enjoy one of my favorite kitchen songs she used to sing!

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