5 Things Your Wedding Photographer Wants You to Know

I’ve wrote about many wedding planning tips and tricks is these posts below, but I thought it was time for another!

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Here are a few things I want all my couples and perspective clients to understand:

1. We Need Time. Ever work under an impossible deadline? That’s how we feel at most weddings when we are not given enough time to photograph. We need to photograph details inside and out, the ceremony, candid moments, family photos, bridal party and most importantly, the couple! This cannot be accomplished if we feel rushed and stressed. Can you perform at your job when you’re under pressure? Now, I’m not saying a healthy amount of pressure and stress isn’t part of our job (or any job really) but the more undo stress you put on your photographer, the less time you give them.. the less images and the less creativity you will get out of them.

2. We Need A Meal Break. Most of my weddings are at least 8 hours long. There is no way I can go without a break of some kind. Would you still work at your job is they took away your lunch hour? My “down time” is still busy. Usually during the dinner, I am backing up images and loading others in for a same day slideshow.

3. We Work More Than One Day A Week. If I could shoot a wedding on Saturday and relax the rest of the week, my life would be a breeze. Photographers usually spend the work week editing, designing albums, answering emails, blogging and other random office tasks. We are our own secretary, file clerk, researcher, CFO, CEO, owner and designer. I have no office help. Some do on a part time basis but running a business with even two people is a lot of work.

4. We Are Not Mind Readers. I am a firm believer in solid, constant communication with my clients. I work out a timeline with them before their wedding. I ask probing questions to make sure I’m telling their complete story. Is your bouquet wrapped in grandmas lace? Special jewelry from an aunt? Grooms cufflinks have an engraving, you want a funny shot with all your college friends? You need to let your photographer know. I want to be able to capture every little detail and every important person in your life.

5. We Want To Keep Shooting You. Ok, actually what I mean is we want you in our lives even after your wedding is over. We want you to be out clients for life! We want to be the one to take pictures of your first baby, we want to photograph your sister’s wedding, your new puppy, your child’s first communion, your anniversary, your second baby, etc… It’s not about money (most photographers offer bonuses for repeat or referral customers, myself included!) we want to document every part of your life because, to us your story is interesting and beautiful. We want to build a strong connection with our clients because it makes our images stronger and we feel emotionally connected to our work and our amazing clients!

I hope this helps you decide on your wedding photographer. Hire a photographer that takes your breath away! And because every post is better with a picture…

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